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Hella Hero Flex series

Part Number: Hero-Flex-W , Hero-Flex-A
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HELLA HERO is the first ever “No-Drill” LED Hide-a-way for Head- or Taillights.

• Inserts directly into the factory housing through OE indicator socket hole.
• HERO replicates the original indicator light - Stop, Tail, Turn and Reverse
• Every HERO model can flash all 4 Warning colors: Red, Blue, Amber and White
• Use WHITE model for Reverse/Brake lights, AMBER for Turn signals
• The HEROs OE bulb function overrides the Warning strobes for increased safety.

The new HERO Flex series is designed especially for external controller usage.
• Four individual trigger wires, one for each warning color (R/B/W/A).
• Full flexibility with the warning color combinations.
• Single-, dual-, triple- or even quad color option.
• Operation with dimmed warning signal is possible. (Example: cruise/low light mode).

Every HERO Lightheads requires vehicle specific INSTALL BEZEL.
Find the right bezel from your application in the Download section below.


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HERO is the first ever corner led module that replaces a vehicles turn signal, or brake light and then adds warning lights to your vehicle without drilling any holes in factory housings. HERO inserts directly into the socket hole of the OE bulb. This means no more dismounting and drilling of the light chamber - say goodbye to long adhesive dry times - and it powers right from the socket, simplifying the wiring process.

You must buy one HERO LED and one ADAPTER bezel that matches the appropriate housing (see the HERO Application overview).

HERO goes above and beyond the standard concealed lightheads by also functioning as the original indicator light. The adapters position the lighthead in the exact place of the original bulb which always ensures equal light distribution and good visibility.

Every HERO model is able to flash in all four warning colors - Red / Blue / Amber / White. So the same HERO lighthead can be used for police and security vehicles, ambulances, Fire trucks, tow trucks, roadside assistance and construction vehicles.

HERO is designed for Stop, Tail, Turn and Reverse light applications and comes in three different indicator colors – White or Amber. When you select Amber or White, you are actually selecting the color of the OEM vehicle indicator. So an Amber HERO goes into a turn signal assembly while a White HERO goes into a brake assembly.  The HERO LED's have Blue, Amber, White, and Red warning diodes built into both models.

HELLA’s newest invention is the HERO Flex series. 

The Emergency vehicle upfitting industry nowadays tends to use external controllers to program/sync their lights. Installers put the warning lights to a “steady burn” flash pattern and use the controller’s computer software to program the light’s flashing frequency the color sequences. The HERO Flex series was designed specifically for this application, and therefore only comes with this “steady burn” pattern.

The HERO Flex series is for external controller/siren usage only !!!

The HERO Flex holds four individual trigger wires, one for each warning color (R/B/W/A). Installers connect the colored trigger wire(s), they intend to flash the HERO on, to the controller 12V+ output and start the lighthead programming with the computer software. The installer has full flexibility with the warning color combinations. The HERO Flex series Hideaways can be used as a single-, dual-, triple- or even quad color LED lighthead. The lightheads also have the capability to be operated with a dimmed power input signal (example: cruise/low light mode). 

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