Recognizing the importance of uniformity throughout each respective fleet, Strobes-R-Us tailors the product and design and uses standardized vehicle wiring harnesses that are color coded and labeled so that each vehicle upfit is consistent across the fleet. When complete, we deliver a consistent fleet with each vehicle featuring the same custom design and upfit products, the same attention-to-detail job, and the same quality installation.

The technicians we have working on your fleet, many of which are Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) certified, are required to complete ongoing training in order to approach each build with a higher degree of knowledge and expertise in order to meet the needs of even the most challenging upfit.

Our quality control staff follow rigorous procedures for vehicle inspections which include Inspection check lists and a running of emergency equipment for extended periods of time to ensure proper installation and function. Additionally, Strobes-R-Us is factory-certified by Whelen Engineering, Havis Shields, Panasonic, Watchguard, Axon, SVP, Pro-Gard, and Go-Rhino, just to name a few.

With our experienced certified workforce, multiple installation bays, and a wide array of lighting, sound, monitors, in-vehicle racks, bins, kennels, and more, you can count on Strobes-R-Us upfits to be uniform, precise, and efficient.

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