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Part Number: RDR2550-PKG
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This radio is the same as our popular rdr2550 radio but includes a display and limited keypad. Display is a monochrome 16 character Professional series RCA brand MIXED MODE Digital and analog Two way radio is perfect for applications where a heavy duty radio is needed . This radio works well in manufacturing environments as well as on construction sites and for general use. This radio is capable of being programmed as digital, as well as analog, so it works well for users with existing analog systems that need to match the channels and then have the option to program digital channels as well. The radio is capable of 32 channels, It outputs a full 4 watts of UHF power in either digital or analog mode. Radio comes complete with one 1800mAh Lithium Ion Battery, one standard antenna, one belt clip and one single drop in desktop charger. This durable radio features a full 2 year warranty and is IP54 rated, meaning that it can withstand dusty environments and splashes of water. Measures 5.3" high by 2.3" wide by 1.3" front to back and weights 11.2 oz Meets military spec 810;C;D;E;F;G This is a great radio for users looking to enter into the digital radio market while still being able to communicate with analog radios on some channels. This is a durable radio that is perfect for manufacturing plants as well as use on construction sites. Its a solid, well performing radio at nearly 1/2 the price point of similarly designed radios from other manufacturers. We also offer this radio with no display --look for RDR2500

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