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StrobesRus 360° Work Ready Package

Part Number: SRUS-WRP
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Our new Work Ready Packages are complete bumper-to-bumper install kits for your upcoming body build.
These kits include a mix of different products.
• a complete vehicle wiring harness with wire leads for a fast install.
• a digital switch panel with 6 programable buttons and a fully equipped relay/fuse box
• a mix of white lighting products (work lamps, load lamps, stripe lights
• different LED warning strobe lights

Available: September 2023 (pre-order now)
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StrobesRus is the first one in the industry offering a complete bumper-to-bumper install kit for your truck.

- 360° coverage of required DOT/SAE warning lights
- Illumination lighting create optimal work conditions
- Suitable for the majority of service trucks
- Complete bumper-to-bumper installation harness (includes breakouts for future lighting expansion)
- Compact centrally controlled switch panel
- lncluded pre-configured fuse and relay box
- Compartment lighting increases visibility
- Labeled wires simplify installation
- 5 year warranty

We developed three Work Ready Packages for our customers, to offer the right product mix for every truck build.
Every package comes with a bumper-to-bumper installation harness, a digital switch panel to control all the lights, a fully equipped relay + fuse box and a basic set of warning and work lights.

This Starter Kit offers a great mix of products to provide a 360 degree Warning light coverage around your vehicle + some white work lights to stay productive and safe during night shifts.

The Work Ready Package 360° Plus gives you all the products from the package above, plus additional round LED warning corner strobes, and 2 LED load lamps for an even better white illumination around your service truck.

For those, who want an expert level package, this premium package has an StrobesRus Traffic Director stick for the rear window included as well.

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