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Whelen 3.5" LINZ6 Fog Light

Part Number: PAR28DJ
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Extended Clear Lens - Interleaved Red/Blue Warning LEDs / White Driving LEDs

Whelen 3.5" LINZ6 Fog Light Extended Clear Lens - Interleaved Red/Blue Warning LEDs / White Driving LEDs - PAR28DJ

These lightheads are a combination warning (RED/BLUE) LEDs and driving (WHITE) LEDS. They provide added light intensity with two LINZ6™ type reflectors per unit! Single or split color capability makes these rugged lights even more versatile. Driving/fog light with a warning light override is ideal on motorcycles, police vehicles, and for other heavy-duty applications.

They are self-contained (built-in flasher), no power supply needed! Wire them directly to your fused switch.


  • 3-1/2" Round extended lens lighthead with two LINZ6 type reflectors.
  • 31 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns and steady-burn.
  • Single and split color capable.
  • Interleaved lightheads offer two colors in a single lighthead with white Super-LED® driving light and warning mode offered in single warning color or in split colors.
  • Synchronize flash pattern for simultaneous or alternating pattern with other Whelen synchronizable products.
  • Clear shatter resistant extended lens for maximum light output.
  • 6" pigtail connectors, standard.
  • Rugged LEDs draw low current and provide long life reliability.

    Size: 3.75" dia x 1.25 depth.

    Price is per lighthead. Sold individually.
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